Amazon Silk

First lets start with the browsers I’ve used so far. I’ll list any issues I may have had with the browser. I’ll list which OS’s I’ve used the browser on without giving specific versions as I don’t remember which versions I’ve used them on.

  • Netscape Navigator; I stopped using because it wasn’t being updated frequently enough. (Windows)
  • Internet Explorer; for a while I used this because it came with Windows & eventually I only used it when I had no other choice or to download a different browser. Also with IE 8 & 9 I have been forced to add code to my site to them to use the IE7 rendering engine. (Windows)
  • Safari; I only used it because I didn’t want to wait for Firefox to open & it was already open. (Mac OS X)
  • Firefox; It only launches one process for all windows & tabs that are open, as well as poor memory management as the only way I know to have it release the memory used by closed tabs is to close all of the Firefox windows. (Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux)
  • Chrome; If you have a bunch of tabs opened it will eat up memory fast, but every tab is its own process so if one tab dies it doesn’t kill everything. (Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux)

With what I’ve read & watched recently about Amazon Silk on the Kindle Fire I have decided that I want them to make Amazon Silk as a browser for Windows, Mac, & Linux. I think it would have the possibility to make the other browsers to become better as they would have another competitor.

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