More on the Samsung T401G

I realized I missed some features in my last post. When the keypad is locked you can unlock it in two ways. 1 Hit the buttons indicated. 2 Open the “QWERTY” keyboard. Both options unlock it. I like the second option as it is quicker for me to do that than pressing the buttons.

My wife has noticed an issue for people with long fingernails. the ok button & surrounding direction keys can be hard to get used to, especially if you have never had a phone with that sort of feature.

You can only assign custom ring tones to phone numbers that are not stored on the SIM card. Which isn’t a major issue as you can store up to 1,000 names in this phone. The SIM card can only deal with 200 entries & can only have one phone number per entry.

I’ve seen several pictures that won’t display in the phone. They seem to need to be under 300 KB, but some of the files were not showing up that were smaller than 300 KB. I’m not sure what exactly needs to be done with those files for it to display them. Those pictures were taken on other phones & possibly.

When inserting the SD card into the slot you want to insert it with the printed side facing the keys. That is to say you want to be able to read what is on the card before inserting it, assuming you are looking at the screen side of the phone. In other words the side with the metal contacts should be facing the side the camera is on.

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