How much do you really pay per minute?

Since I just recently got my phone for Net10 I thought I’d see how they compare as far as price per minute used. Net10 charges 10¢ per minute unless you buy the minutes online then you might get them for less than 10¢ per minute. Net10 also only charges you 5¢ per text message on most phones with the Samsung T401G having a rate of 3¢ per text.

For Verizon Wireless I was paying about 12¢ per minute if you count the 700 minutes I get a month, but because I normally use less than 200 minutes per month the cost per minute actually used is close to 45¢ per minute. Then because I don’t have an unlimited text plan with them they charge me 20¢ per text message, & claim that is competitive. I don’t see how charging 4 times what Net10 would charge me is competitive. I’d think that charging 5¢ per text message or less would be competitive.

So with two phones because my wife is moving to the new plan as well we are going to change from paying about $83 per month to $30 or $45 per month. Yes that is about half of what we used to pay for our phones.

Since I want to be clear on how I did the calculations of cost per minute here it is. For the “12¢ per minute” I took “$84.77” & divided it by 700 (Which is my plans “Monthly allowance minutes”) which resulted in $0.12,11. For the “45¢ per minute” I took “$84.77” & divided it by 188 (Which is the number of minutes used in the billing period) which resulted in $0.45,090,425,531,914,893,617,021,276,595,745.

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