Dash Express and saved search

Well since June of 2010 was the last time you could connect a Dash Express GPS device to the Internet I decided to do something about mine. I had removed the Internet connection on mine which removed access to even the historical traffic data & also you can’t search for a saved search anymore. I did find out that you can do a factory reset & because it has no servers to connect to it will restore your ability to see historical traffic data & that is the only way I found to remove the saved searches.

There are some disadvantages to this is that you will erase all of your contacts in your address book as well as your favorites. Since it got rid of the saved searches it made it so I can search for burger king again.

You hit the “menu” button on the top, then select “settings”, scroll down to near the bottom selecting “reset to factory settings”, & finally hit reset. You then just need to wait for it to wipe everything. After wiping the data you will have to enter any addresses into the device again. Obviously you will need to use the touch screen to enter the information as you can’t use the Internet site anymore.

This was useful for me as I now have a feature back that they can’t take away from me without offering Internet for my GPS again. I’m of course referring to the historical traffic data.

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2 Responses to Dash Express and saved search

  1. Lee DeForest says:

    I was one of the original beta testers for the Dash Express GPS unit. There have been a number of updates to the firmware since I began using it, and before Dash online was shutdown.

    Do you know if by doing a “reset to factoy settings” all of those update will be gone… including updated map software?

  2. Joker says:

    I’ll make a post about this for a response.

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