USB Memory Support for the Xbox 360 coming April 6th

I was checking out Major Nelson’s blog When I noticed a post with the same name that I gave this post “USB Memory Support for the Xbox 360 coming April 6th”. I was excited by this as I won’t have to pay for overpriced memory cards anymore on the 360. I was very excited when I saw the following pictures in the group that he posted & linked from the article (first picture & second picture), yep 293 GB free which means either he was on a dev kit or they may have a larger hard drive in the works for us in the future.

After I & most likely many other of his followers asked him about this he replied in his twitter “FYI : The pics I have posted on Flickr of the USB support are from my dev kit. For those asking.”. So unfortunately it was on his dev kit so for the near future we are limited to a 250 GB hard drive which is overpriced, but we won’t need to pay extra for external storage & we won’t be restricted to 512 MB as we have for many years on the Xbox 360. I guess this is good news for anyone that plans to or currently uses an Xbox 360 in a vehicle as the hard drive & optical drive both have moving parts so you could in theory download games to one or more memory cards & have your gamer tag in a memory unit so that you get to miss out on the issues associated with the hard drive. I also wonder if this would be a good thing for those in the military as they could grab their gamer tag along with some other data to take with them in a small & easy to carry method that would be able to deal with more abuse the a hard drive would normally.

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