Some more podcast issues

On the MAKE Magazine: MAKE Podcast I get the File Too Big (Error Code C00D10E0) error on 4 different episodes that are not PDF files. The PDF files if you mark them as played & your computer should stop downloading them, if it still does you get to delete your ZuneStore.sdf that is in "%users%\%youruser%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Zune". (Where "%users%" is "C:\Documents and Settings" in Windows XP & "C:\Users" In Windows Vista & Windows 7 IIRC, also "%youruser%" is the name of the user name you are using.

The episodes I’m having an issue with are the following. "Weekend Project: The Arc Light", "Weekend Project: The UnaBox", "Weekend Project: Remote-Controlled Camera Mount", & "Weekend Project: Personal Portable Heater".

The sad thing about this is the Zune Insider podcast has a 1.2 GB file that downloaded without any issues.

I’m also getting the following errors for the » How To podcast C00D1199 & C00D119A.

The episodes I’m having issues with are the following "Upgrading to WordPress 2.9" & "Introducing After the Deadline for Firefox".

I did post about these issues on the forums, at File Too Big (Error Code C00D10E0) & HD Video Podcast episodes not downloading properly/giving me errors.

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