Indie games on Xbox360 require connection to Live

I saw a recent tweet from XboxSupport that said "@carocat 2 play Indie Games, u must be connected 2 Xbox LIVE 2 start it. After it starts+loads, u can disconnect from LIVE if u want to. ^KS". After seeing them saying that I went & tested it with a single player game called Miner Dig Deep, where I found what they said to be true.

This is annoying for me as if I take my 360 to a location where I don’t have an Internet connection I can’t even open the game. All I get is a message that says "To play this game, sign in to Xbox Live.", with the option to sign in or not to sign in.

I’d like it changed so that I’m allowed to have the offline parts work without being signed into live. I’d also like achievement points to be available for the indie games as well. I know I’ve bought some arcade games because they said I could keep an achievement that I earned in the trial of the game.

The other thing I’d like to see is being able to remove any rating I’ve put on a game. I have one time accidentally rated a game that I hadn’t even played & that made me want to be able to remove the rating I had applied to it. Even if it was implemented in the web site first or only in the web site that would be better than not being able to remove a rating.

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3 Responses to Indie games on Xbox360 require connection to Live

  1. J.L. says:

    Did you ever figure out a fix for this? Same exact problem with me. Same game, even. I should be allowed to play the game I purchased even if I don’t have an internet connection. What a bunch of B.S.

    • Joker says:

      The only thing I know of is to complain to Microsoft about this issue. I did tell them here. I can’t remember if I did anything else to complain about it.

  2. mark says:

    i have the same problem with inde games, il be going to a place ware i do not have live and i cannot play half of the games i have on my xbox360

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