Issues with Tinker from Games for Windows – LIVE

Well about two weeks ago I installed Tinker from Games for Windows – LIVE. It is an interesting puzzle game. It was released previously for people who purchased Windows Vista Ultimate. You have a timer, can only make a certain number of moves, & on some levels have to get all the gears to get an achievement in the game. After performing certain tasks you receive achievements that are viewable to everyone.

If you look at my gamer card on the left you should see that I have played it & earned most of the achievements so far. I hope to get the remaining three in the future.

My first issue with the game is that to install it I have to manually start the Windows Firewall which is frequently disabled if you install a third-party software firewall. So it is a good game just a really annoying issue to be able to install it on my computer.

It looks like they fixed my second issue with the game. The requirements page had claimed that the 59 MB download needed 9 GB of disk space. Which made me wonder, do they think this is Fallout 3 or some other blockbuster title.

My third issue is that when I earn achievements in the game it doesn’t always update my gamer tag. Right now it is displaying all the achievements that I have earned so far, but is has been buggy in updating my profile. One time even though I was connected to live on my computer I had to close out the game & the client, then restart them so that I could get my achievements updated.

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