The Wii & friends codes

Well I really hate the way that the Wii does friends codes. Such a pain, oh well I guess I’ll deal with it.

My code is 0237 3199 4147 6328. The way you find it is by going to messages on your Wii to the address book. The directions are so long they get their own paragraph.

It’s the envelope in the bottom right corner, then to “Create message” in the bottom left, then you go to the address book on the right side & you should see your code, then to become friends with someone you give them that code & they give you theirs & you add it to the address book. You take the number you were given & go to the Address book & use the “+” & “-” signs to select a page, then select an entry you want to add them to (They just need to be in there somewhere.) You enter their cryptic code & add a nick name so you know who in the world that cryptic code belongs to. After they have done the same you are now friends. (Just like Xbox Live you are restricted to 100 friends, but unlike it you have a cryptic code instead of a name like my gamer tag “joecr”. My gamer tag is pronounced as you would Joker.)

Now I just need to get codes & get people to tell me theirs.

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