Trying out Windows Live Writer

With this post I’m trying out using Windows Live Writer to see how it fares versus using the built in features of WordPress in the web admin.

Well it turns out it can have plugins installed into it & also has a spell checker that initially freaked out on WordPress until I told it to not worry about that word, although I half expected that as most spell checkers by default don’t like the names of programs when they are not also already considered a word.

The next feature I hope it has is a grammar checker otherwise it is going to only be used to make draft posts so that I can have after the deadline check on it & fix them. I would also like it if it could be used to edit posts & pages as I have some that I did on the web interface & I’d like to edit them outside that interface. I say that mainly because the web interface hits the server I’m on hard & causes my site to be treated like a bad kid because WordPress is very server intense when on the page to edit or write a post or page.

After sending this as a draft I found out that it missed some grammar errors that “After The Deadline” caught. So I guess after this I have learned that I will use it to write the post then send it as a draft so I can catch any errors that I missed in the client.

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