Still limited on the number of files on my Zune 120

Well Microsoft changed their error syncing page to no longer include a mention that the Zune will only allow a certain number of files that they don’t specify a specific number still. So I tried syncing a large number of audio only podcasts & I ran into the same issue I have had with the Zune 120, that is I have about 50% of the space unused & I can’t get the podcasts I want on it because I’m limited by something other than available storage space.

This is the 21st century last time I checked & we are not using the FAT16 file system anymore. Heck the most that FAT16 could deal with was 4 GB on Windows NT 4 (You could make a 4 GB FAT16 partition the issues were that no other OS at the time could read it & the cluster size was 64 KB, this was an issue because a file that was 1 KB wasted 63 KB of space.) They fixed some of the issues with FAT16 when they released FAT32 as the file size limit was raised from 2 GB to 4 GB, the limit of 512 entries in the root was raised to supposedly unlimited according to Microsoft.

Everything I’m seeing indicates that the current generation of file systems can deal with 120 GB of data, heck I have two 1 TB hard drives so it makes even less sense to me that they have a limit on the number of files. I really wish they would just fix this or at the very least admit that they have a limit & what the actual limit is.

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2 Responses to Still limited on the number of files on my Zune 120

  1. Aaron C says:

    I *really* hope this is not the case as I’m trying to sync 9600 mp3 (320k) files. I’ve already sent my Z120 back twice to M$ for the C00D124D error. I bought the Z120, because I believed that it would hold at least 110G of .mp3/.mp4.
    Q? does anyone now of a file size limit?? Another option for me may be to just create entire albums instead of individual songs, then I could get my collection down to ~1k larger files

  2. joecr says:

    I have only tested with podcasts so I don't know if the limit applies to audio & pictures as well. because of the file size of videos they would all have to be very short to test with them if they have a file count limit for videos.

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