A new feature in the Zune 4.0 software that I just noticed

In an attempt to check if they have done something about the file count limit that had appeared in previous versions of the firmware I decided today to test that by syncing all unplayed episodes of several of my audio only podcasts to my Zune. In doing that I discovered a new feature, it looks like the software gives a visual representation of what percentage the additional files will take up on the Zune that is being synced. It shows up as orange on my computer, & it doesn’t say what the expected space is in any way other than the way the bars normally show up using space.

This goes as one of the many features that was never mentioned. My only wish now is that they fix the issues that I’ve run into with the software so far.

I’ll make another post after I find out if it runs into a file count issue on the Zune when the sync finishes.

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