I found out why Zune 4.0 was killing the Internet for me

Today I woke up early & couldn’t go back to sleep. I just remembered something is that I’ve installed some updates on my computer & realized that it might be Microsoft restricting the tcpip.sys file to 10 half open TCP connections. That was killing my Internet on my computer.

So I went to download a program to patch it to a more reasonable number, which happens to be greater than the default Microsoft sticks you with. I did that because I realized that the Internet on other computers was not wasted by the Zune software constant downloading of PDF files. I think they should force the Zune team & the Windows team to have a podcast that is at least 50% PDF files with this version of the software running so they can learn why it is a bad idea to only allow 10 connections at a time & also learn why they shouldn’t keep downloading the same file that they can’t read anyway because the software doesn’t support PDF files.

When I made the last post I had forgotten to check on a different computer if I was killing the network or just the one computer. I was still blaming the right company it was just two different departments that were working together to screw me over. To bad they still think that Windows XP should be choked to death so that it can’t do much. I forget how long ago Microsoft Imposed that limit on Windows XP but I do remember it was long before Windows Vista came out. Well a quick Google search yields Windows XP SP2 was the beginning of the abuse Microsoft Imposed on Windows XP. I did some more searching & I found that it was released back on August 6, 2004 or 2004-08-06 so they have had it broken for a very long time ([fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Fri, 06 Aug 2004 00:00:00 -600″]) I’m just glad other people have come up with ways to fix the file so that it behaves more reasonably then the way Microsoft seems to think it should.

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