New firmware for the Zune 120

Well I installed the new firmware on my Zune 120 today & it installed without any issues. I will say this in Microsoft’s defense they didn’t change my setting for the wireless like they did with all previous firmware updates. Previous versions enabled the wireless without even asking for permission, they just told you that was how they were going to do it, so I was surprised that they allowed my setting to stay.

Ok that’s all I have to say good about it. They didn’t make certain changes that I wanted like adding Unicode support & the music, pictures, & videos are always present even if you don’t have any of or all of those categories on your Zune. I mean they were able to figure out how to do that with podcasts, audio books, & games why can’t they do it with the others. I would also like to be able to remove the marketplace option from the Zune if I so choose to.

If Microsoft would make a Zune HD with a decent amount of space & have no limits on the number of files along with fixing any other issues I’ve mentioned I might buy one but as it is I can’t see a use for it other than a really expensive door stop, wait it wouldn’t weigh enough to do that job I guess a paper weight is all I can think of.

I guess Microsoft didn’t really put a lot of thought into the idea that HD means it will need more storage space. So I really don’t get why they want to drop the storage size allowed to something so small with only 16 GB & 32 GB options. I guess some people like having that little data but I like having tons of options which means I need more space.

Which reminds me I haven’t tested yet if the firmware will allow me to increase the total number of files on my Zune. I hope that they finally fixed that issue as you should not have a file limit in this day & age. Or was it the software that was the cause of the issue I really don’t know. Oh well if they fixed that I’ll be happier.

I’m just glad that the Zune 4.0 software still doesn’t eat up tons of CPU time unlike a certain piece of software that was written by a competitor. Yes I mean iTunes & you apple fan boys &  fan girls can keep on claiming how wonderful everything Apple is & does, but you are going to have a very hard time of converting me to “The Church of Steve” (AKA a worshiper of Steve Jobs & all that he is & does).

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