Internet slowdown caused by the Zune 4.0 software

Well because the 4.0 version of the Zune software insists on downloading the same files over & over again even though I had told it not to in version 3.1 by marking it as played it insists on downloading stuff it can’t play. This is a major annoyance as it makes it so I can’t watch youtube & the rest of my Internet is slowed down as well. I wasn’t until after I closed the Zune software that I was able to regain access to a decent Internet connection. I guess from now on I will only have the software running for an hour at most when I don’t care that I will have no Internet to speak of with it open. Sure I can do basic browsing but at speeds that you used to see with dial-up Internet not the 5 mbps download speed I’m supposed to get with my DSL connection.

Microsoft you are messing with my bandwidth like Apple iTunes does with the resources on my local computer. I have since removed & refuse to reinstall iTunes because of the issues that I’ve had it cause in the past on my computers. Microsoft you need to fix this or you are going in the same direction as iTunes. Please get you testers to test with podcasts that have pdf files in them as that should help you tell when you have this issue come back in any possible future versions.

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