Another issue with the marketplace

Well yesterday Zune said “We have great freebies this week! TV: 30 Rock and Psych. MP3s: Simian Mobile Disco and Mayer Hawthorne. Grab them at Zune Marketplace now!” yesterday on twitter but for the life of me I can’t tell what is free with the new & “improved” marketplace. If anyone figures out how to tell what is the free content I’d be glad to find out how to know what exactly is free.

I have found that for the music at least I’m able to find it, but for Psych I haven’t been able to find anything. On thing I did notice is they changed it from “Free” to “No Charge” if that helps anyone else out.

Well after further investigation it turns out that it was the first episode on the first season of both 30 Rock & Psych that is free. I didn’t check there because they normally only do an episode on the most current season of a show when they release one for free.

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