More on the Zune 4.0

As I expected the Zune marketplace is having major issues today. You learn to expect this when they release software for both the website & the clients on the same day. Also when they said they had free content on twitter on the same day that they release a major overhaul for both the website & the client software.

Anyways on to the new issue I found in the migration to the 4.0 software that they call an upgrade. I had several podcasts that were set to “Sync only the first unplayed episode” they somehow all were changed to “Sync all unplayed and partially played episodes”. which obviously increased the number of files & the size of the space used by the podcasts on my Zune & that happened without my consent.

Another issue I had marked several videos in my collection to “Never sync with Joecr-120” before the “upgrade”. After installing the 4.0 software they no longer had that tag. So now I have to go through my collection & set that again so that only stuff I want is synced to my Zune.

Please Microsoft learn from your mistakes & don’t try to do so much all at the same time. You are running faster than you are able to maintain when you do stuff like this. I really think you would have had a better launch if you had spaced everything out more & also I would have liked it if the marketplace didn’t keep crashing on me.

As I said earlier you brought back an old bug. I guess those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it & I guess that means the Zune team has not learned from history.

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