OpenDNS Updater 2.0 for Windows

Well it looks like OpenDNS released OpenDNS Updater 2.0 for Windows according to an e-mail I got today. At the time I wrote this the article on their site to download the OpenDNS Updater was pointing to the version.

Here is what they said in the e-mail about it.

If you’re using OpenDNS at home, we recommend you download the new OpenDNS Updater 2.0 for Windows, a major step forward in stability, features and performance. This little piece of software does many great things, including:

  • It will update your dynamic IP quietly in the background. This makes sure your OpenDNS settings follow you if your IP changes and ensures your filtering, shortcuts and customization stay functional.
  • It will automatically detect NetBios devices such as file servers, network printers and media servers on your network and create VPN typo exceptions for them so they continue to work without issue.
  • It lives in your system tray (or you can choose to make it completely invisible) and alerts you by changing color from orange to red if, for some reason, OpenDNS stops working properly.

It’s also extremely stable and lightweight. Download it now. Note: clicking the link will start the download.

The previous version did update the IP & run in the tray but it didn’t have a way to not get bubbles. Sorry but that isn’t what is the most exciting features to me.

The one that I’m really happy for is that “It will automatically detect NetBios devices”, yes that’s right I will no longer have to manually add every single computer on my network to the “hosts” file or to my OpenDNS dashboard. Both of which would require me to update it if the IP addresses ever changed for any reason whatsoever. So this will make file & printer sharing with OpenDNS running on my network even easier for me to configure & maintain. I just have to have my computer set to a network on my account with them which I already had done since my IP address changes every time I reboot my router.

I hope this is enough to convince my family & anyone else that reads my blog to upgrade their DNS to OpenDNS. Remember with OpenDNS being used on your network your Internet should be faster & safer because you can block stuff like porn sites & phishing sites or other sites you just don’t want to be able to go to.

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