Spammers don’t ever seem to give up

I really don’t understand why people delete the account. I came up with a better solution, at least I think it is.

  1. I changed the password for that account.
  2. I made it so the user doesn’t even have read rights. Thanks Role Manager.
  3. I changed almost everything about the user to indicate it is a spam account.
  4. I disabled the forgot password feature. Thanks WP-IDS.

Yes I am talking about the account alina77vere9uk account that everyone seems to be getting on tons of blogs that has that really suspicious e-mail address of

I am also grateful to BlogSecurity for info on securing my blog.

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One Response to Spammers don’t ever seem to give up

  1. Joe says:

    Hey, just saw your comment over on my blog. Looks like you update yours about as often as I update mine too :). Anyway, thanks for the feedback.

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