The RIAA, the MPAA, Sony & the DMCA

I was looking up the word terrorism & I realized that it applies to the RIAA & MPAA, as they are trying to instill a sense of fear into the population. I had heard someone saying the at it should apply to Sony back when the rootkit was first discovered in 2005. (I had to use the Internet Archive to get that because the original page is gone now.) I know I’m afraid of downloading MP3 files because of the number of lawsuits that the RIAA has started & the MPAA doesn’t seem much better only I haven’t heard as many frivolous lawsuits from them. By that I mean how the RIAA keeps suing people even people who are dead & didn’t have a working computer.

Since President Bush declared war on terrorism I think that should to apply to organizations like Sony, the RIAA, & the MPAA. Sony for the rootkit they released & the attitude they had about it. The RIAA & MPAA for the way they behave with all the frivolous lawsuits. I think I should be able to have my movies edited so they don’t have the filth that Hollywood seems to keep coming out with.

They seem to think that if they scare us they can stifle technology. They seem to be going into the future while traveling into the past. They didn’t embrace the Internet or MP3’s when they came out. Now you have to hear crap about you would do this or that before you can watch the DVD you just bought. I agree the artists should receive some money for what they have done, but I believe that with the Internet the artists should be able to free themselves of the shackles that the RIAA & MPAA place on them.

Next that the MPAA doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to do a proper rating system. Here are some rules that I think should be implemented on the rating system.

  1. The people who are rating the movies need to be on a publicly available list. This is so they can be held accountable. The only group I know of that doesn’t do this for a rating system is the CIA & I am ok with them keeping it secret. All other major rating systems I know of have a way of finding out who did what. (Do we really want another Enron?)
  2. There needs to be a set of rules written as to what makes a movie to what rating & it needs to be followed to the very last jot & tittle. (BTW from what I understand a Jot & a tittle are two of the smallest marks in the Hebrew Language.)
  3. When a precedent is set by saying one thing is ok in a certain rating to be fair it should be allowed or the previous rating needs to be stricken.
  4. There should be at least one clergy from each major religion making the rules. Yes I know this means the Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons & several other religions that I can’t remember the names of.

Ok those are the rules I can think of so far. If anyone has any other Ideas I’d be glad to hear them.

More information about the RIAA can be found at this blog. And they prove me right about Sony being evil too. Wow I hate to say this but AOL now actually has competition for being the most evil major corporate entity. I mean the spyware, adware, & other scumware programs come close, but they are to small after all to really compete with the RIAA, MPAA, Sony, or AOL.

So where does this leave us. We need to do something about companies with attitudes like this. The evil needs to be stopped. I don’t pretend to know how, but I know something must be done.

One other thing while I’m ranting about evil companies. What I really don’t get is why do they call DRM “Digital Rights Management” when it should be “Digital Restrictions Management”. Yes that’s right it is about putting Restrictions on what you can do & thanks to DMCA (PDF warning) you can’t legally go around the DRM.

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