FrontPage Server Extensions

Well I guess it is time I make another post.

Here is what I know about the Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions & how to troubleshoot them.

1) Go to (replace “” with the domain in question. This works on Windows based web servers, Unix based web servers, & Linux based web servers.). You should get the following message ‘Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions on this page: “”‘, anything other than that indicates the server extensions are broken, that means they need to be reinstalled. The exact procedure depends on your web host so I won’t post directions for doing that.

2) If you are not able to open site with (replace “” with the domain in question.). If this lets you sign in, only asks for user name & password once. They are working otherwise they are broken or something is preventing you from signing in. The causes of it not signing in are vast and many if the extensions are not truly broken. On Linux & Unix servers it is frequently the “.htaccess” file has something screwed up in it. On Windows servers I’m not sure because I never had this happen with the extensions not being broken.

3) You can’t publish in FrontPage on a 16-bit TCP/IP stack as it requires a 32-bit stack, I’m not sure which version this started with, but I know that at least FrontPage 98 required it & above. This means AOL customers, unless AOL decided to actually use a 32-bit TCP/IP stack.

Oh Microsoft has a good article on how to tell if the FrontPage Server Extensions are installed & working. OH & yes I did write the article, I have no idea why they said it is for FrontPage as it is for the FrontPage Server Extensions versions 98, 2000, & 2002. That’s right even though Microsoft made FrontPage 2003 the last extensions were the 2002 extensions.

Well thats all for now I’ll post more another time.

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